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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR a key part of the Altran Group strategy


For us, the success of any corporate effort relies on two fundamentals. Firstly, we must strive to become and remain an employer of reference spreading feelings of trust and pride among its employees. Secondly, we must develop solid and lasting relationships with our clients, by proving every time again that we understand their issues and strive for the same excellence.

In our fast moving world of innovation consulting, it is easy to sacrifice personal endeavors in the name of project objectives. This point, we feel, deserves our special attention. We want to activate a collective progress where employees are guaranteed the freedom to tailor their career development according to their personal needs and ambitions.

We are confident that, once these general CSR principals are fully engrained in our Code of conduct, in our Operational Health & Safety policy and in our Environmental policy, they will immediately generate a sense of pride among our consultants, help forge relations of confidence with our partners and ensure the implementation of a responsible and innovative strategy.

Altran Belgium signed the Diversity Charter

By signing the Diversity Charter, Altran Belgium commits to showing its engagement in terms of non-discrimination, diversity and promoting equal opportunities.

The Charter reflects the willingness of Altran Belgium  to better reflect, among its employees, the diversity of the population and to condemn discrimination.
This will guide us in the implementation of new practices, involving all our employees and partners. It will encourage us to implement a policy of human resource management focusing on the recognition and development of individual skills.

It will promote social cohesion and equity, while increasing performance.

Altran’s Environmental Management System (EMS)

The label "Ecodynamic Company" is a formal recognition attributed to businesses located in the Brussels-Capital for their good environmental management practices. It rewards dynamism and environmental progress in such areas as waste management, rational use of energy, mobility management...

The programme enables the gradual implementation (rating from 1 to 3 stars) of the equivalent of the European EMAS standard (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).


Altran chose to implement the Eco-Dynamic Company label adapted to business services, complete with an appropriate implementation schedule.


Since 2004, we have been reducing our environmental impact considerably. Thanks to the efforts of our Corporate Responsibility Team, we obtained our second star in 2008 and our third in June 2011.


The principles encompassed in our CSR policy cover all areas of Altran SA-NV’s operations and have been developed and continue to be reviewed and updated in reference to relevant codes of corporate governance and international standards.


Like any EMS, eco-labeling dynamics require the establishment of a specific organisation that relies on a network of actors within the company.

The “Ecodyn team” is composed of dynamic members of the Communication, Human Resources and Fleet management units. Thanks to the complementary strengths of its team members and the support of management we have put in place various measures to reduce our environmental impact.


These measures include:

  • yearly regulation audits
  • energy efficiency
  • waste reduction program and awareness linked to our sustainable purchase
  • green mobility management… 


Our dedicated “Sustainability Officer” coordinates our Ecodyn team's efforts around a unified action plan. 

Interview with...

Anne-Laure Demarcy

Anne-Laure Demarcy, Sustainability Officer and Consultant in Environment and Health

our efforts to rationalise consumption has generated substantial savings, making Altran an all-round winner!

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