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Working at Altran

Are you engineering the career you want?

We do not accept the way things are. For this reason we permanently questioning the status quo – and create brilliant technological innovations from which we believe, it will improve life and the world.

With this philosophy in mind we don’t offer you “just a job”. We would like to inspire you! We want to offer you an inspiring work environment, at the same time giving you the opportunity of flexibility to choose your future line of work. Teamwork is the crucial element of success at Altran.

In our company, you work together most of the time with your colleague experts and customers on projects and solutions. Teaming up to shape the future of society, but undoubtedly also to shape your own future.

Indeed, working at Altran implies that you progressively work on your personal development. We believe that in a fast evolving domain, investing permanently in your skills and knowledge is crucial. For this, you can expect our maximum support.

Do you want to work in Belgium, Luxembourg or in any other place in the world? In any field you choose? For a certain project or a particular client? Whatever professional career attracts you: You are certain to experience a steep learning curve. And the tasks at Altran are so diversified that we can offer you a job for life!

Join the world’s largest Technology, IT and Innovations Consultancy.

Let's work together on the solutions of tomorrow.

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Marco Keur
The clients I work with have high-level systems, technically. I make a difference by finding solutions that are going to be useful for the future.
Looking for
the perfect