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CSR Interview with Anne-Laure D.

Name: Anne-Laure - Position: Sustainability Officer and Consultant in environment and Health - Altran Solutions: REACH, CLP, environmental impact assessment, risk assessment, environmental management systems implementation.

What is the EcoDynamic Enterprise label?

The “Ecodynamic enterprise” label is an official recognition of good environmental management practices awarded to companies operating in the Brussels Region in recognition of their environmental dynamism. This 1-to-3 star graded label programme allows for the gradual introduction of the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) standard.

Why did Altran apply for the Ecodynamic label?

Since 2004, Altran Belgium has been gradually reducing its environmental impact. We opted for the EcoDynamic Enterprise label because it is perfectly adapted to services companies and the implementation period is very flexible.
After carrying out numerous actions, we obtained level 2 in 2008 and level 3 in June

What type of actions are required for Ecodynamic label qualification?

Like all Environmental Management Systems, the EcoDynamic Enterprise Label requires that an organisation and network of players be set up within the company. I am fortunate, in Belgium, to have the support of management and a dynamic team with representatives from the communications, human resources and purchasing departments. This complementary support team, together with management backing, has enabled us to implement several measures to reduce consumption and waste.

Within the company, our focus has been on reducing our major impact on the climate, which is consultant mobility. We have also been active on several other fronts. For example, we have improved our waste management and significantly reduced our water, paper and energy consumption.


We now function exclusively on green energy and have carried out an energy-efficiency audit of the company’s office building.

How does Altran benefit from this?

Within the Solutions Centre, we have built up three consultant teams over the past few years, dedicated to the environment, health/safety and energy, notably for the purpose of helping companies implement environment management systems. It, therefore, seemed totally normal that Altran should obtain the certification.

The fact that environmental issues are more topical than ever means that Altran’s future employees will already have acquired an awareness of environmental issues and will thus identify more easily with a company that respects the environment, the society as a whole and its employees. This suggests that certification also plays a role when it comes to recruitment.

Not only that: our efforts to rationalise consumption has generated substantial savings, making Altran an all-round winner!


Who is Anne-Laure

Anne-Laure Demarcy is a project engineer who graduated in agronomical science and has now four years of experience in environmental project. She worked on environmental impact study for wind farm project and in different laboratory where she gained experience in data collection and analysis of plant physiology and agronomy related to environmental issues.
Since joining Altran, Anne-Laure has been involved in number of project linked to the regulation as REACH, CLP, environmental impact assessment or risk assessment and implementing environmental management systems. Therefore, she gets in charge of Altran’s Environmental Management System that has naturally expanse toward Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our efforts to rationalise consumption has generated substantial savings, making Altran an all-round winner!