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In their own words, our engineers wanted to share their Altran experience with you! Read how they turned their career into a life that makes sense!
Arjen Visker

“My job is to challenge assumptions in order to get better results. Creating a culture of continuous improvement is my goal. Guiding the change is my activity.”

As a management consultant, Arjen found that at Altran he could forge a career that would challenge him and open up his world in a field where he was sure the future was bright.

“I joined Altran as Operational Excellence Consultant. I’m a management consultant, not an engineer, so my focus was on implementing change with people”, he explains. “Altran gave me the opportunity to expand my skills and horizons. At the time I didn’t know much about IT, but I did know IT is the future.”

Growing in excellence

As a specialist in operational excellence, Arjen sums up his job as “improving client satisfaction by better organising and aligning people, processes and systems.” Working with Altran, he says, has “further strengthened my knowledge and experience as an Operational Excellence Consultant. I’ve grown into the role of expert in Customer Excellence, changing people, processes and systems, as well as products and services based on actionable insights from current customer experience.”

Continuous personal guidance

“I continuously help managers improve their company’s performance through optimisation of processes and by improving organisational behaviour”, he adds, citing Altran’s focus on personal development as a key capability driver. “The broad development programme via the Altran Academy and close monitoring and guidance of my manager has given me personalised possibilities for further development.”

Aiming for leadership

Arjen now sees his future as that of a leader, a mentor and an innovator. “Currently I’m working on becoming leader of an Operational Excellence Consultants team. In this role I can coach younger colleagues in their personal development. I also want to further develop our offers to strengthen the enterprise performance of our clients. And of course I want to deliver value to our customers by leading client projects myself.”

Slowing down the pace

Altran has also taught Arjen to slow down and analyse things better, for better results. “Because of all the different assignments and tasks, I learnt how to combine and gradually I adopted a slower pace. I used to rush everything. Now I’m calmer, I care more about people’s feelings and way of thinking.”

Dominique De Wit

“With Altran, new opportunities have opened my vision. I joined the Group as a software engineer, but after my first big project they offered me a position in operating system management. Today I’m an Account Manager.”

Having learned the value of individual training and orientation, Dominique plans to apply his expertise not just to client solutions, but also to developing the skills of the next generation.

Dominique started his career at Altran in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. Initially attracted by the project management side of things, he has subsequently discovered a world of new opportunities, thanks to the Group’s focus on developing and enlarging his skill-set. Having started out as a software engineer, he is now an account manager working on a variety of projects at strategic and tactical level.

New challenges every day

Dominique enjoys the daily challenge of keeping up with a rapidly evolving technology landscape. . “Clients rely on me and every day is different. Projects change all the time. New clients and new opportunities bring new challenges, and the constantly evolving technologies mean we have to keep evolving as well”, he says.

Clients look to us

In the software engineering sector, every project requires an individual approach. Dominique’s abilities to effectively translate individual client requirements to his engineering teams, and apply the correct solution give him a real advantage here. As an account manager, customers are constantly asking for his expertise in solving issues. “I get very interesting new projects that I then need to define to my engineers. My aim is to help our customers reach their goals.”

Developing special skills

Altran’s focus on developing managers’ knowledge and skills has been key to Dominique’s career development. “The guidance and the focus the company puts on my career path and vision has made me a good manager”, he says. His most recent training course – Solutions - has really helped add value to his approach. “Now I understand that sometimes clients misidentify the problem, and it is my job to identify it correctly and help solve it.”

Next up for Dominique?

Giving it back. “I want to help engineers set new goals and develop new skills, coach them to evolve in the way that suits them best”, he says.

Ranadeep Pal

“Altran offers great flexibility, giving us the chance to work on very different projects. And also to work abroad, which is very attractive both on a personal and professional level.”

Ranadeep says working with Altran has encouraged him to dream bigger. The opportunities for training, travelling and working with a variety of different people have opened up a new world for him.

Before Ranadeep was contacted by recruiters at Altran, his career plans were somewhat limiting – a good job in a small company, but no real opportunity for development. But all that was about to change. “With Altran, I realised that there were far more opportunities for learning and developing new skills. I had a much wider range of options than I ever imagined before.” Pretty soon, Ranadeep was on a new career path, thanks to the support he received from his new employer. “Altran helped and continues to help me reach my personal career goals, by letting me choose my training options. It’s a company that helps you grow professionally in the direction you want.”

Internal mobility & team spirit

As a multinational Group, Altran can really utilise the full potential of people like Ranadeep, who want to be able to move within the company, gaining valuable training and experience as they develop their careers and skill sets. “The chance to work abroad is a very important advantage of working at Altran, both on personal and professional levels”, says Ranadeep.

Team spirit is another area where Altran succeeds in growing and developing its people. “I have great memories of special moments with colleagues - the team spirit was intense and we were very close to each other. In fact, I’ve become friends with a number of my colleagues”, he explains.

A different approach

Variety and a wide range of experiences are also important to Ranadeep. “Altran offers the flexibility and the potential to work on very different and interesting projects”, he explains, adding: “They also offer learning opportunities with training programmes that don’t exist in other companies.”

Working with talented people from different backgrounds also enriches Ranadeep’s capacity to contribute and share knowledge, he says. This in turn sharpens not just skills, but also belief in oneself. “On a personal level, working at Altran has brought me a lot more self-confidence - always useful in everyday life!”

Nils Steyaert

“We’re always reinventing ourselves, always doing something different in a different environment. Change challenges us to stay on top.”

As a consultant, Nils works with a variety of companies on developing software solutions for better operational efficiency, helping both his clients and the environment.

Too often, knowledge and understanding of environmental engineering issues are underused. This was the motivation behind Nils’ decision to quit his former job and join Altran in 2011. “My interest is in working to make the world better, to improve the environment. I didn’t have that opportunity in my former job.” Nils recognised Altran as one multinational company that would give him the scope to work on projects aimed at helping to improve the environment and make the world better.

Discovering unexpected talents

But working at Altran led Nils in an unexpected direction. “I discovered project based jobs and began working with bigger teams on huge projects. It was a major change - I started working with IT, which I never expected. When I moved to the energy division as a data analyst and business analyst, I discovered I had an unexpected talent for analysis. Altran saw that and switched me to a position where I now work as an IT consultant. They also gave me the chance to develop solutions and give trainings on improving business processes and energy management.”

Helping the environment

Today Nils is putting his skills and keen sense of environmental responsibility to work as an IT consultant on projects for Altran’s larger international clients. “My current project consists of installing software to control a company’s power grid more efficiently. I help them rethink the grid, which is good for the company but also for Belgium and the environment in general.”

Making the difference

Working as a consultant has turned out to be the ideal option for Nils. It means he can really bring something special to client projects and boost his job satisfaction. “As a consultant you bring your expertise to clients and help them. This way we get to make a big impact rapidly, which is very satisfying”, he says.

In the future, Nils expects his career at Altran to change every three years. The need to constantly reinvent himself is part of his personality, he says, and Altran and its clients can both support and benefit from that need.

Benjamin Thomas

“The working atmosphere at Altran is always really good, not just with direct colleagues, but also across departments. There’s a lot of internal mobility, so it feels good when you join a new team in another department.”

Benjamin, a project manager, talks about how joining Altran has opened his eyes to future opportunities and realigned his career path in the right direction.

Feeling good about going to work every day is a top priority for Benjamin, who’s been working at Altran ever since he graduated in 2010. Initially interested in a technical support role for pre-sales, he discovered an aptitude for project management at Altran, and used the Group’s training modules to migrate towards the career he really wanted. “I decided to acquire more skills in project management when I realised that Altran offered opportunities to manage technical projects for a wide range of sectors and many different clients”, he explains, adding, “Learning about the different aspects of the job early on is essential as it helps you with deciding how you want to design your career.”

I’m getting experience with blue-chip companies

As a large company working with a range of blue-chip clients, Altran could offer Benjamin a fast route to a wide level of experience in working with key references. “Name-checking Altran and its important clients looks good on my career path”, he says, before going on to highlight the freedom of work choice offered by the group. “Altran offers me internal mobility and flexibility: I can switch from one thing to another and never get stuck in something that bores me or just isn’t my thing”, he adds.

My work makes a difference

Job satisfaction is equally important to Benjamin. As part of the rapidly-evolving multimedia sector, he works on projects he knows are impacting the lives of tens of thousands of people every day. The constant personal evolution Altran offers is also important to him. “Being responsible for the completion of the project as a coordinator is a key part of my on-going evolution”, he adds.

So where is Benjamin going next? “My goals have changed thanks to Altran. I’m committed to project management now, and I love working in a cosmopolitan, multicultural city like Brussels.”

Cedric Teller

“I make a difference by making people’s jobs easier and more efficient. With my team, we leave something behind that’s of long-term value to clients.”

As a consultant in Electromechanics, Cedric finds that the experience he’s gained in a wide variety of fields has given him the capacities to help clients with the challenges of tomorrow.

When Cedric started working for Altran in 2007, he came to the company with his own specific challenge. “I wanted to work in robotics and mechatronics but had no idea where I could find a job in that area”, he explains. Luckily for Cedric, Altran was able to propel him in the right direction. “After talking with people at Altran, I realised the opportunities existed, but that I had to research them myself”, he explains. “I started to look at related fields with my manager, and that’s how I found my first projects with the Group.”

Diverse skills, new challenges

Since joining Altran, Cedric’s career path has been a voyage of discovery. “I’ve met lots of different people from different sectors and different companies. And at the same time, I’ve developed technical skills in several domains.” Plus, he’s found the diversity of challenges at Altran both stimulating and instructive. “I’ve worked in railway, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors, all with the same company, Altran. This diversity allows me to come to the client with new ideas from other sectors and to evolve as I bring innovative solutions from one industry to the other.”

Adding value to clients

And, Cedric has evolved on a personal level as well . “Today, as a team manager I’m more resourceful. I can add value to clients quickly, adapting to their needs directly, detecting what can be improved and understanding straightaway how the client company works. And I enjoy working in recruitment too, which was not my intention in the first place.”

“My manager took the time to find the ideal project for me and here I put the skills I’ve acquired to good use. At Altran, people take the time to find the best project for you.”

Floris Verstegen

“I took a ‘backpack’ of skills and expertise to Altran, which they helped to develop further. Now I’m more specialized and I have found which direction I want my career to go. By following boot camps and learning on-the-job I’m targeting positions and opportunities that are right up my alley.”

Floris chose to follow his formal education within Altran, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems.

“Initially I thought I would work in software development. At the time I loved the realm of technology, and I thought I would learn by following Altran’s Academy programme”, he explains. And he certainly did learn. In fact, this first step led on to a complete change in his career plans. “You learn to look further ahead”, he explains. “I realised I had a commercial quality that suited presales activity. I’m now a project leader, and I think I’ll continue climbing the management ladder, leading bigger teams, divisions. You raise the bar for yourself and aim for the next step, then the next...”

Making a difference

For Floris, working with Altran is also a chance to make a real difference, something that’s important to him. “One of our customers developed a cancer therapy for certain types of cancer”, he recounts. “And we developed new algorithms that helped them find treatments. So when someone I know was in remission thanks to this technology, it felt just right and I knew I made a difference.”

Education and training are key

The education and training Altran offers are key for his career development, Floris says. “We follow a lot of training and there are real education possibilities, whether it’s technical or soft skills. There’s a lot of room for opportunities. If you give a little bit of feedback, Altran will challenge and guide you”, he says, adding: “As I’m moving more towards project management, I follow training sessions to keep up with new technologies and new techniques.”

Potential to lead

Ultimately, Floris intends to reach a senior management position. But he wouldn’t have even dreamt about that, were it not for the Altran Academy trainings. “I took a ‘backpack’ of skills and expertise to Altran, which they helped to develop further. Now I’m more specialized and I have found which direction I want my career to go. By following boot camps and learning on-the-job I’m targeting positions and opportunities that are right up my alley.”

Gert-Jan Van Landeghem

“In the long term, I’d like to lead teams and coach them to help reach the objectives and deadlines”

Gert-Jan didn’t really see himself going into consultancy at first, but after starting with Altran, he learned a lot about himself and his capacities.

“At first I thought I’d work more on fundamental science research and biotechnology crops”, he explains. “But a friend who worked at Altran recommended me and here’s where I learned what I’m good at and what I enjoy - process optimisation, resolving problems and finding solutions.”

A diversity of projects

In the last three-and-a-half years, what he’s really found useful is the diversity of projects he’s worked on. “I’ve already worked on five projects, which is a lot for that time-frame. I love the flexibility allowing us to do new things all the time and the internal mobility. Everything boils down to the diversity and the different opportunities offered at Altran”, he says.

Learning from managers

He also appreciates the way Altran invests time and talent in him. “The business managers are always open for discussion”, he says. “They support you and find projects that are in line with what you want. There are always opportunities to learn and to talk with experienced people who help you keep on growing.”

Making a difference

Gert-Jan believes in making a difference with his job, and working at Altran allows him to do just that. “My current job helps bring more vaccines to sub-Saharan countries to fight preventable diseases”, he explains. “Everyone has a contribution to make and playing my part always feels good, no matter what the project. For example, I was working on surgical kits previously and it was decisive that the kits arrive on time.”

Like most engineers working with Altran, Gert-Jan sees himself as a future leader. “In the long term, I’d like to lead teams, coach and help them reach objectives and the deadlines”, he says. But first, “I want to learn what I’m good at and what I’m not. There are so many different opportunities, but you can get them if you’re prepared to try.”

Marco Keur

“The clients I work with have high-level systems, technically. I make a difference by finding solutions that are going to be useful for the future.”

Before joining Altran, Marco thought his career would be all about working for other people, doing what he was told. But it didn’t quite turn out like that…

“When I joined Altran, I thought I would just be a programmer, programming what I was told”, he says. “But within a few months, I was actually designing solutions for more complex problems. Now I lead a team, which has changed both my career and my vision. Today I see myself more as a leader, a problem solver.”

Shaping the future

As Marco says, he’s working for one of the best companies in The Netherlands in his field – solving complex problems for clients. This opens up plenty of possibilities for him personally and for his career. “I add something by working on future solutions”, he explains. “The clients I work with have high-level systems, technically. I make a difference by finding solutions that are going to be useful for the future. Like a night vision system for cars: a camera that helps the driver see where he’s driving, thus increasing safety for everyone.”

Staying ahead of the curve

The rapid pace of work and the continuous training both help Marco evolve and keep him on his feet. “I like facing new problems and finding new solutions”, he says. “Training is a big part of this, but it’s also switching clients regularly, learning new techniques, facing new problems in new environments. It keeps me sharp as I have to keep up with the new technologies and techniques.”

Improving leadership skills

In the future Marco sees himself as working more with people, becoming more of a leader and giving something back. “I’m looking at becoming a better people person, improving my leadership and coaching skills”, he explains. “I want to carry on that learning curve - I have a technical background, but I want to improve my people skills as well.”

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