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Be part of a Global Community

You love to work with talented people from varied backgrounds, enjoying mind-opening diversity that enriches everyone’s problem-solving skills. In the Belux perimeter alone, Altran has a team of 800 Innovation Makers who are part of a global community of 24,000 people across 20 countries.

Meet each other

Altran is a company where people enjoy collaboration. An innovative company where socially minded people work with a passion for technology and a desire to deliver high quality. We consider it important to encourage interaction and therefore organize numerous activities, such as:

  • Technical meetings

Benchmarking Expertise Project sessions, Technical Committees, Training lead by consultants,...

  • Networking and fun

Afterworks, internal parties, incentives,...

  • Sport groups

Altran Foot, Badminton and Climbing clubs, 20kms  of Brussels and Marathon teams,..

Promote Altran within your ex-university, organise activities with students,...

Internal mobility, an asset to the Group's development

Altran is present wherever our clients are based, and wherever their projects take them: the number and diversity of our facilities mean we offer an extensive range of destinations to ensure we are able to satisfy all ambitions, both professional and personal.

Professional and/or geographic mobility on an international scale is one of the prospects for development that we offer our staff. It enables interested parties to benefit from specific support, backed up by a dedicated structure: the mobility team guarantees everyone custom support in close collaboration with the HR and entity managers.

Available to all staff, Mov’Altran programme opens up internal mobility and opportunities: operating guidelines, publication of job offers on the intranet, follow-up of process by HR.

The mobility and human resources teams support staff in their move and provide assistance for immigration, social security, tax and security matters in the host country.

Promote diversity

By signing the Diversity Charter, Altran Belgium commits to showing its engagement in terms of non-discrimination, diversity and promoting equal opportunities.

The Charter reflects the willingness of Altran Belgium to better reflect, among its employees, the diversity of the population and to condemn discrimination.

In Belux perimeter only, we count 29 different nationalities and we are very proud of it!

This will guide us in the implementation of new practices, involving all our employees and partners. It will encourage us to implement a policy of human resource management focusing on the recognition and development of individual skills.

It will promote social cohesion and equity, while increasing performance.

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Ranadeep Pal
“Altran offers great flexibility, giving us the chance to work on very different projects. And also to work abroad, which is very attractive both on a personal and professional level.”
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