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You believe that technology is most useful in the hands of those who are working for the greater good. We mobilise the skills of our experts to serve the common good and create more eco-friendly innovative solutions. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Fly all day and night without needing to refuel?

From just do it to just done!

In 2003, Bertrand Piccard had a dream: to create an aircraft capable of flying all day and night using only solar energy. Altran shared in the ambition of this extraordinary project. In our capacity as Innovation Makers, our job is to provide unconventional solutions to unusually complex situations. Altran’s initial calculations proved the viability of the Solar Impulse project. Since then, we have shared our passion for innovation.

Sustainable Solutions for our clients

Our service offering addresses sustainability issues in a pragmatic business context, where keywords Our Sustainable Development team has a proven Sustainable Development expertise and track record for more than 10 years.

In order to provide end-to-end solutions, we have enforced our team over the time with the best people on the market so that we can support clients in the 4 following domains of work: Product compliance, Environment and CSR, Health and Safety, Energy Efficiency.

Our service offering meets our most individual customer requirements. We deliver from state of the art ‘out-of-the-box’ packaged solutions, to ‘tailor-made’ services.

Promote technological innovation for human benefit?

Since it was founded in 1982, Altran has been involved in major innovations over the years, effectively helping to develop advanced technologies. Having become a global leader in innovation consulting, the Group wished to use the skills it had developed for the common good.
In 1996, Altran created a new independent entity: the Altran Foundation for Innovation. Its mission is to "Promote technological innovation for human benefit" and its objectives are as follows:

  • to promote the emergence of creative ideas
  • to support the development of innovative ideas
  • to enable projects to progress more quickly

According to its statutes, the Foundation must select the projects that it will support via a competition.

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In the long term, I’d like to lead teams and coach them to help reach the objectives and deadlines.
Discover our testimonials

Nils Steyaert
We’re always reinventing ourselves, always doing something different in a different environment. Change challenges us to stay on top.
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