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Have the opportunity to shine

You want to work for a company with clients who are shaping the future thanks to people like you: people who deliver excellence on a daily basis. This is just what Altran brings: a community of experts, a leader in technical innovation, and a partner to the key actors in the market. Together, we can achieve great things.

Develop the technologies of the future

As a global leader, Altran has implemented a dedicated organisation for its clients. Within the context of this business model, Altran acts as a technological partner (facilitating client access to cutting-edge technologies) intervening throughout all the stages of the value chain (from systems architecture through to complete product delivery) as well as a decision-making partner (strategic consulting and accompanying on technological and major business issues).

We are proud to work in all industries and services on the most challenging and prospective groundbreaking projects.

Amongst them, our Solar Impulse partnership is an excellent example of the top-notch projects we want to achieve with our clients. And this is indeed the kind of assignment we want our consultants to excel in!

Here are some examples of key projects Altran Belgium and Luxembourg consultants are working on: 

  • Design the hybrid car of tomorrow
  • Optimise electric-grid performance
  • Develop carbon free energy sources
  • Apply financial trading models to improve performance and efficiency of electricity networks
  • Redesign A330WV80 
  • Position sensors for Automotive Technology
  • Build an efficient and effective end to end distribution network for pharmaceutical products

Shine within Altran

You will work for a strong and experienced company. For more than 30 years, Altran is helping its clients to solve complex issues.

We will do our best to make you shine and feel proud of the company you are working for.


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Ambassador programme

We launched in 2014 an Ambassador programme to identify our best performers and implicate them in the company strategy. Read their testimonials.

Be a partner of excellence

By developing innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers, protecting client data and respecting the ethical and social responsibility standards shared by the Group and our partners, we strive in our everyday activities to be a partner of excellence.

Altran works hand-in-hand with its customers to meet client CSR challenge, to create more sustainable mobility systems, produce cleaner ormore efficient energy or provide drug quality assurance.

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I make a difference by making people’s jobs easier and more efficient. With my team, we leave something behind that’s of long-term value to clients.
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