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Stay hungry for adventure

New challenges keep life exciting, so you like to push the limits and put your skills to the test. You relish jumping from one project to another; change and novelty inspire you. That’s why a company should help you move in new directions and explore different career paths.

Careers at Altran have been designed to serve your thirst of learning and your desire for new adventures.

Not only the “I know” but also about “I know how to”, keeping as a focus your qualifications, your personal interest and your development aims.

4 families, 12 tracks, 65 job positions linked to a clear mission: this is how is composed our Innovation Maker team, working all together to serve our clients and our company’s ambition.


At Altran, you can orient your expectations according to your career ambitions:

 We value initiatives, proactivity and crazy ideas!



Discover our testimonials

Benjamin Thomas
“The working atmosphere at Altran is always really good, not just with direct colleagues, but also across departments. There’s a lot of internal mobility, so it feels good when you join a new team in another department.”
Discover our testimonials

Arjen Visker
My job is to challenge assumptions in order to get better results. Creating a culture of continuous improvement is my goal. Guiding the change is my activity.
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