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Altran Academy

You want to be at the top of your game and set new standards. So you need an employer who encourages you to grow and knows that learning never ends. And that’s the reason for our Altran Academy: upgrading forever.

Training is key for your development


Our customers always expect up-to-date know-how and high-class state-of-the-art competencies. To meet these requirements, the Altran Academy is geared towards optimally preparing our employees and to continuously strengthening the development and transfer of knowledge.


This Academy is building on two main learning proposals:


  • Thanks to our experience and the clear expectations we have linked with your position along our Career Path, the Altran Academy has designed a generic set of trainings, organized as Boot Camp spread over several weeks which are followed by the same group of people, to prepare you proactively to perform as the best Altran Consultant: Awareness on project management and other key methodology, personal improvement, Altran processes and standards …
  • On the other hand, as an expert in your field, you will need to be supported in your development plan. Based on your annual appraisal, the Altran Academy is there to support you in your development aims via in-house or external learning solutions going from Project Management certification, to in-depth technical trainings, internal and external conference / knowledge sharing sessions and remote learning. 

How training is taught within the Academy is also innovative. The Academy promotes a teaching method where participants prepare theory before training, then put it into practice during the course using the game-based learning approach. After the training participants can directly apply what they learned to their business life and can ask support from trainer if they have further questions.



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Floris Verstegen
I took a ‘backpack’ of skills and expertise to Altran, which they helped to develop further. Now I’m more specialized and I have found which direction I want my career to go.
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the perfect