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Personal development

Discover our varied range of career options

If you’ve chosen to become an engineer it’s because, like Chekov said “Every science has a beginning but no end.”

Careers at Altran have been designed to serve this thirst of learning, not only the “I know” but also about “I know how to”, keeping as a focus your qualifications, your personal interest and your development aims.

4 families, 12 tracks, 65 job positions linked to a clear mission: this is how is composed our Innovation Maker team, working all together to serve our clients and our company’s ambition:

  • Project Management: A team of Innovation Makers in charge of project management (Bid, project delivery/execution) who ensure that Altran consistently delivers all projects on-time, on-cost, on quality & within scope.
  • Technical Management: The most important family of Altran provides innovative solutions to help our clients design better products, services and manufacturing processes, or improve existing ones. Going from technical expertise, solution architecture, generalist and multi skilled consultancy and even people management, this family offers a very broad range of job opportunities for Innovation Makers passionate about science and client delivery.
  • Business and Sales Management: This family is dedicated to business oriented Innovation Makers, specialized in strengthening our partnerships with our clients. They are specialized in promoting our services in & out of Altran, supporting strategic marketing, business development, project delivery. Our leaders, Division Directors, CEO … are part of this family.
  • Support Management: Innovation drives all the employees of Altran. HR, Finance, Marketing and Communication …: a dedicated team of Innovation makers to support our company’s ambitions.  
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