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15 June 2011

Business Intelligence Reference

Migration of the current Point of Sale Reporting into a completely new system, based on the architecture and the technology delivered by MicroStrategy.

Context & Objectives

The Point of Sale Business Objects (BO) reporting are used within this Telecom Operator to allow shop managers and shop employees, area and District managers to have an operational overview about their sales, activities related to products, activities not related to products, credit notes, corrections, product cancellations, stock movements,  discounts, after sales services , products defect, and all what relate to the Operator’s Shops.
The objectives are to provide & improve the Business analysis with the migration of the current BI Platform into a new BI technology (MicroStrategy) that allow to expand the business analysis capabilities.


  • Collect business requirements and analyze current BO portal.
  • Design adequate MicroStrategy environment to support the report migration.
  • Develop Security schema applying at project level
  • Develop, testing and tuning MicroStrategy report.
  • Manage testing case and technical documentation.


  • Provide new functional and technical capabilities that increase the usability of the reports.
  • Provide a more reliable, stable and better performing system with very little down-time.
  • Be the pilot for all other MicroStrategy migration projects in term of performance, quality, reliability, consistency and stability of the new reporting.
  • Increase the end-user satisfaction of the Operator’s customers by offering easier navigation capabilities and increased user-friendliness.