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17 June 2013

Discover the Altran Communication Campaign in Brussels Airport

Summer Adverstising Campaign

Altran in Belux is launching an external communication campaign from July to December, with the aim of promoting our expertise as well as our privileged client relations.



As it is not enough to just say we are “Innovation Makers,” we wanted to prove it. Since client testimonies are the ultimate way of doing this, we asked some of our clients to give us their opinion on our work together. Our focus throughout will be to emphasize the many ways in which each Altran-client partnership means a winning match for generating innovation.



4 key clients have been interviewed:

· Sonaca, Design, Production and Assembly of Aircraft Structures

· Lampiris, Green Energy Supplier

· Technicolor, Digital Innovation in The Media and Entertainment Sectors

· Roche/Exprimo, Research-focused healthcare company



Where will the testimonies figure?

· A short quote from each client is figuring on the 7 mega posters in Brussels Airport’s departure gate zone. Each poster is portraying a different industry/client. Each specific quote will also be on the various communication material we want to develop (such as videos at the Midi station in September and on-line ads in La Libre/ De Standaard)


· The testimonies will figure in their full version on our website and on our LinkedIn page as well as in the expert dossier of De Tijd/ L’Echo on-line for one month in the Fall



We are very proud of having this opportunity to associate our client's names with our brand.